8 Luxurious Outdoor Shower Ideas for your Backyard

If you were out looking for some new ideas on how to refresh your backyard with a splash of style, we can confirm that you have arrived at the perfect place! We have some inspiring board of luxurious outdoor showers, and what’s better than washing away the stress under the shining sun or the twinkling stars? Immerse yourself in nature from a Bali-inspired sanctuary to simple and clean minimalism.

  1. Spa-Like Sanctuary

Photo Credit | Getty Images

All you need here is a dark wood enclosure, gorgeous tilled wall and a backdrop of lush greenery that gives this spacious outdoor shower the serenity of spa that you need.

2. Modern Scandinavian Design

Photo Credit | Eric Striffler

You can clearly notice the influence of Scandi-minimalism with the pale wood enclosure and varied, wood-planked floors. You can see how perfectly the stool is complementing with the plants and the shower-essentials.

3. Palm Spring Oasis

Photo Credit | Trevor Tondro

This one features a bounty of indoor-outdoor amenities. You can see the outdoor shower head and the artwork that has been added to this shower. Pure art!

4. Malibu Sanctuary

Photo Credit | Douglas Friedman

Let’s start here with the copper tub in this master bath! It’s like OMG! Just look at the hanging lanterns, antique carved teak facade and the carved marble panels. It all looks so complementary and mesmerizing. I would like this one in my backyard! Would you? Those marble panel are Indian and this Bali-inspired design makes sense to every single bit of cell in my body.

5. Moroccan Fantasy

Photo Credit | Richard Powers

Whitewashed Moroccan fantasy beauty on Florida’s Gulf Coast for a Mississippi family? Yessss! Here is the marvelous view from above the outdoor shower and pool.

6. Zen Getaway

Photo Credit | Travis Rowan

It has been known that stone elements infuse a zen aesthetic, and here they have turned this space into a Halo Bay vacation retreat.

7. Tropical Oasis

Photo Credit | Getty Images

What else do you need along an outdoor shower featuring lush greenery complemented by a concrete wall and slatted wood flooring? If you ask us, we are good. This is maybe one of the best tropical escape that we have featured so far.

8. Hawaiian Luxury

Photo Credit | Damon Moss

What brings visual interest to an outdoor shower retreat? In this Hawaiian villa the only answer is stone walls and flooring. Can you hear the birds while you take a long shower?


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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