8 Different Models of Rustic Lamps You Will Want in Your Home

The rustic elements bring with them characteristics that refer to comfort, warmth, and connection with nature. The style of rustic decoration uses materials such as wood and iron, emphasizing the country style in the environments: the secret is to assemble a harmonious composition, after all, these elements can also be part of modern and contemporary decoration with small details and focal points. The rustic lamp is an item that adds to this proposal, be it a ceiling, table, or wall model.

The pendant wired models are successful and can add a touch of movement, in addition to helping to create a more intimate atmosphere for a stripped-down environment. The use of vintage style lamps is essential in a luminaire with the exposed part. Models that use some type of cover for the lamp such as glass and straw can receive traditional models and sockets, as they are not exposed. Another interesting feature is the direction of lighting through material resources of the luminaire itself, as you will see below. External areas such as the backyard, the garden, and the balcony can receive this type of lamp, similar to a sconce, fixed on the wall. Straw and wicker are also widely used materials in the design of rustic luminaires, mainly in the shape of a cage.

For those who are looking for rustic lighting inspirations, we have separated 8 models that you can have as a reference:










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