7 Ways To Incorporate a Park Into Your Apartment Design

Parks can make people feel more relaxed and boost their mood. The outdoor environment is essential for their physical health and encourages exercise. Adding a park near an apartment complex can increase its value and attract more tenants. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your space.

1. Determine Design Details First

Parks are great places to add a playground. Within the space, provide equipment that encourages different types of play, from physical to mental. For example, add climbing features and simple puzzles. It’s also a good idea to add fun surprises, like unexpected textures or secret nooks. When considering what to add, ask children and parents in the building for ideas. You could send out surveys or ask for comments online.

Also, consider children’s ages and how many are in the complex to determine the type of equipment and the size of the space. Be sure to prioritize inclusivity and safety as well. Ensure the surface materials meet safety standards by having at least 12 inches of wood chips, mulch or sand.

 2. Plan Ahead

Having a thorough planning process saves time and money. To start, determine your goals for the space. For example, do you want to give tenants a place to connect? Also, when you meet with local representatives, you want to have your details figured out. So, know things like who can access the park and when it’s open.

The following steps include creating a timeline and evaluating your location. If you plan to add a playground, installation can take several weeks. Having a set timeline can ensure the project runs smoothly.

Then decide where to build the park. Consider areas with plenty of shade and good drainage. Another vital aspect is accessibility. For example, is there a wheelchair-accessible entrance and can public transportation reach it?

3. Build With Safety in Mind

Make sure you follow safety regulations when designing the space. If you’re clearing land, check that it doesn’t impact other properties or wildlife. When building a playground, find an installer who pays attention to safety regulations such as proper surface materials.

Choose soft materials to cushion a child’s fall, such as wood chips and shredded rubber. In addition, have enough space between moving equipment and slide exits. It’s also good to have a layout where parents can easily monitor their children.

4. Add Sports Courts

Along with a playground, sports courts can be a fun addition to your park design. These are perfect places for tenants to stay active and sharpen their athletic skills. You can include softball fields or basketball courts within the apartment complex.

Exercise is critical in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by reducing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. It also is good for your mental health by reducing stress and improving self-esteem. Also, it’s an excellent opportunity for tenants to bond and engage in friendly competition. Plus, it’s an easily accessible practice space for children who play on sports teams.

5. Incorporate a Community Garden

A garden allows tenants to collect fresh fruits and vegetables. It then lowers their grocery bills and provides them with healthier food options. Gardening is also a low-impact physical activity that can reduce stress. Plus, involving the community can bring the building together. The garden may even enhance the apartment’s curb appeal and raise its property value.

To add a garden, create raised beds or designate a fenced-in plot of land. Place it in an easily accessible location near park benches or walking trails. If you have rooftop space, you can build a garden to protect your produce from bugs. A rooftop garden is an attractive feature for potential tenants.

6. Add a Dog Park

About 70% of households own a pet. Creating a dog park can attract more tenants, especially families. A designated dog park can give pets a safe place to play without disturbing other people. Plus, dogs are more likely to be well-behaved when they burn off energy.

Along with the benefits for pets, the owners also receive certain perks. Dog parks allow people to socialize with other tenants and get to know them better. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to get owners outside. To create this space, start by fencing in an area of land. Then add cleaning supplies, water spouts and benches.

7. Create a Picnic Area

Picnic areas are perfect places for tenants to enjoy lunch or relax on a nice day. So, add tables, seating and even grills to your space. Also, include plenty of cleaning supplies, such as trash bins and sanitizing stations.

You can also use these spots when hosting community events, such as cooking competitions. Be clear about expectations for how residents can use the space. For example, is it first-come, first-serve, or scheduled? Keep in mind picnic areas often make your space look more attractive to potential tenants.

Creating the Perfect Park Design

Having outdoor space is attractive to many tenants. It gives them a chance to connect with nature and promotes exercise. Plus, it enhances the rental value of your property. So, follow these tips for incorporating a park into your apartment design.


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