6 Ways to Boost Your Outdoor Seating Area

Many homeowners are taking their living areas outdoors, and with the help of a nice patio, it’s pretty easy to do. However, it’s one thing to slap some folding chairs on a concrete patio and call it a day, and it’s another to enhance this space in unique ways that make it more attractive to you and your guests. Whether you have an existing outdoor seating area or you’re looking to create one, here are six ways that will boost your outdoor area and take it from good to great.

1. Decorative Flatwork

A patio can be made of anything you want: stone, concrete, wood, pavers…but when you use some type of decorative flatwork it will make your space stand out in different ways. For instance, instead of opting for a traditional gray concrete slab patio, why not consider stamped or stained concrete? If you’re interested in wood, use a wood that stands out on its own or consider a stain that makes your spot unique. When the flatwork of your patio and outdoor living area is unlike your neighbors’, it will make your space feel more inviting.

2. Comfortable Seating

You can’t call it an outdoor seating area and expect people to sit in old folding or patio chairs. Instead, you need to ensure you have the right type of seating arrangement for your space. Maybe this means having comfortable chairs or couches outside, or maybe it means adding hammocks or building your own sectional around a fire pit. You’ll also want to consider your activities outside. For instance, if you want to eat or play games, then you’ll want to ensure there’s a nice table out there that can accommodate your needs.

3. Pergola/Roofing

Some homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor living area even when the weather isn’t cooperating fully. In these instances, you’ll want to add roofing or a pergola to your outdoor space. This allows you to keep it cooler on hot days and even stay on the patio when it’s raining. If you opt for a pergola, you can add things like curtains or bamboo shades to help block the sun or rain, allowing you to enjoy more of you space when you want to.

4. Greenery

Sometimes your outdoor seating area will have a great view, and sometimes it won’t. If you lack a nice view, consider adding some greenery to surround your space. This will make it feel more cozy and provide a distraction from any unsightly views. In addition, some plants have additional benefits. For instance, you can plant citronella bushes to keep mosquitoes at bay or you can opt for alyssum to attract butterflies to your yard. The choice is ultimately up to you, so find what complements your space in the best way.

5. Walls

Sometimes an outdoor seating area works well when it’s an open space, and sometimes it’s more cozy and quaint when it’s limited in space. If you would like a cozy atmosphere, you may want to consider adding some walls nearby. For instance, a half-wall made out of patio pavers or a wall made out of local rocks would be a great conversation piece as well as an easy way to create some privacy in your outdoor living area.

6. Amenities

What will surely separate your outdoor living space from others is when you do what you can to make your space actually yours. This means choosing the amenities that allow your space to stand out. For instance, maybe you want to add a fire pit so you and your family/friends can roast marshmallows and tell stories into the night. Maybe you prefer an outdoor kitchen so you can entertain and feed guests. Maybe an outdoor wet bar will help keep the party going longer. Maybe you’ll add an outdoor TV so you can take in the fresh air while enjoying the game or binge-watching Netflix. There are a variety of things you can add to your outdoor space, so just find what will make yours more unique and entice you to spend your time outside.

Outdoor living spaces are a great way to increase the places in your home to relax or entertain, and with so many different options out there, it’s important for you to make yours stand out. No matter which of these tips you choose, just be sure to keep your specific needs in mind.


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