5 Steps To Beautifully Decorated Yard For Real Summer Enjoyment

Nicely arranged yard attracts attention and creates a feeling of comfort and spaciousness, making it less and less clear the boundary between inner and outer space. The summertime is the best time of the year, when it comes for the outdoor living. If you are trying some ideas how to improve the look of your yard, you are on the right place. Just follow our steps, and you will make perfect place for summer enjoyment.

Closer to the nature

If you have a backyard wooden platform or deck, it’s a great chance to experience nature with all senses. Forget the furniture, take a few pillows and relax on the platform. In addition, surround the platform with flowers, and in the evening spice up the atmosphere with candles in different colors.

Play with the colors

The arrangement of the yard does not mean that it should dominate only one color. On the contrary, if you opt for only one color, it can do your yard such a boring place. Be brave and play with the colors. If you want instant change, do it through the furniture and decorations for the yard in different colors. But if you want a change of color in the long term, plant some plants and flowers in different colors, for example sunflower to get yellow or lavender to purple.

The yard as spa-center

Although it sounds strange, you can turn the yard into a real spa center, that will bring you closer to nature. For this interesting idea, you do not need the whole yard. The best is to fit your mini-spa in a corner of the yard, or in a more intimate place surrounded by more greenery.

Take care for the entrance

Besides the yard, it is equally important how will be settled the entrance of the house. The rocks are the most common choice, but if the size of the yard allows, instead of ladders, in the front you can set platform on three levels. In this case, the stairs will serve only to connect the platforms.

Mini-bar in the yard

As the chefs need place for utensils and the bartenders need a place to store their tools. But when it comes to big and open space as the yard, the most appropriate is small and functional buffet table, big enough to fit all the accessories, yet easy to move.


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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