5 Reasons Why You Should Build a Composite Deck

The outdoor space of your home will play a key role in just how much of an outdoor appeal is present in your home. Obviously, to be able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home, you will need the appropriate facilities. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a great outdoor space with beautiful views but no lounging area or a place to sit down, at the very least.

That is why one of the first items on your to-do list, when it comes to the outdoor spaces, should be building a deck. What is a deck anyway? An outdoor deck is really just a dedicated space for your patio. It can come in many shapes and sizes and you can build one out of many different materials, such as wood, stone and concrete. There is no limit to the type of finish you can have on your outdoor deck.


So, what kind of deck should you choose then? Our suggestion would be to go for a composite deck design. There are many benefits to doing so, but first, let’s see what hides underneath the composite deck type.

DeckCrew manufactures this type of decking from wood waste. It is made by tightly packing sawdust or even smaller wooden fibers, produced as a result of woodworking, with polyethylene plastic, often recycled from plastic bottles. In the end, a wood grain pattern is stamped on top and it looks just like a real piece of wood.

1. Environmentally Friendly Materials

Composite wood decks are friendly to the environment because they are made using supplies that would otherwise find their way in the trash. Producing this type of decking does not only reduce the amount of plastic and wood waste, but it also reduces the amount of trees that need to be cut down for the same amount of real wood decking.


2. Durability

Now that we know the benefits of using composite decks to the environment, let’s look at the benefits to you as the end-user. The first one is durability. The composite materials that are produced for use in composite decking are much more durable than other types of materials, such as wood. They can withstand every weather condition and on top of that, they aren’t susceptible to insect damage.

3. Versatility in design

Since composite decking is not made out of actual wood planks, its designers have much more freedom in the type of deck they want to create. This means that the composite materials can be made into every kind of color and style that you might want. You can have a composite deck that looks just like a deck made out of real wood, or you can have the opposite, a modern deck with a matte finish.


4. Water resistance

What is the number one danger to any wooden deck? Water. Rain. Snow. With a composite deck, you don’t have to worry about any form of water damaging your deck. It doesn’t develop mold and it definitely does not rot like real wood does. Even though wood is used in the process of creating the composite materials and wood is present in the finished product, it is wrapped in a polymer capping that prevents it from contact with water, thus protecting it from molding and rotting.

5. Low Maintenance

Unlike regular wooden decks, those made out of composite materials don’t need to be maintained every year or two. In fact, you don’t even need to paint, stain or treat them in any way to prevent their condition from deteriorating, even against warping. All you really need to do is wash it down once in a couple of weeks with water and soap and you’re done.

However, when you do decide to paint your deck made out of composite materials, it does get a bit more difficult than a regular deck.


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