4 Ways to Improve the Cooling and Decrease the Power Consumption in Summer

Excessive power consumption is neither good for your wallet or for the environment, but it seems like an inevitable expense every year, as soon as the weather starts to heat up. This year, however, you can improve the temperature while decreasing your electricity bills at the same time by applying at least some, if not all of the measures that we will discuss next.

4 Ways to Improve the Cooling and Decrease the Power Consumption in Summer

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Install Energy Efficient Windows

There are various ways to do this and some of them doesn’t even require replacing the existing windows completely. However, in order to get the best insulation possible, you will need to replace your regular single pane windows with double glazed models that have a vacuum or argon gas in between the two sheets of glass. This provides unmatched insulation. It won’t allow the heat outside to warm up the environment inside your home too easily, which naturally means that your AC won’t have to work overtime to keep the room cool.

Call Professionals to Take a Look at Your HVAC System

In order for the air conditioner to work like it’s supposed to, the unit must be serviced and maintained periodically. Always call in a local HVAC repair services at the beginning of summer to have them check it out for maximum efficiency. A well serviced AC with clean filters, that is working in maximum capacity will not only cool better, but it will also need a lot less power to do so. At least two or three maintenance calls (excluding breakdown calls) are required to keep the AC working at maximum capacity every year.

Consider Using Draught Excluders and Heavy Curtains

Heavy door and window curtains are excellent insulators that keep the heat in during winter and prevent the outside heat from getting in during summers. To stop the cool air from escaping through the gap under your door, use a draught excluder. Seal any gaps that might exist in between the window and the wall with insulation tape and apply a heat reflective film on the outside of the window pane to reflect back the sun that would otherwise heat up your room in no time.

Keep a Tab on the Electric Appliances

Fluorescent lights, computers, television sets, speakers, and just about every other electric appliance can add to the heat in the room. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a tab on them. Consider the following methods to lower both the electricity bills and the unrealized heating in your home.

  • Replace the CFLs with LED lights that can be dimmed to lower the heat production and the electricity consumption
  • Only buy electric appliances with a five-star energy rating
  • Minimize energy wastage and heat production by switching off every electric appliance whenever they are not in use

Much of what we discussed here is also applicable during winters to keep rooms warm and the heating bills low, albeit with some slight alterations. The idea is to insulate rooms and to keep the HVAC system running at full efficiency for achieving maximum power-efficiency, be it during the winter or the summer.


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