4 Signs You Need To Get Yourself A Better Office Chair

A better part of our day is spent in two places, one is the bed where we spend at least 7-8 hours every night and the other is the office chair where sometimes more than 9 hours are spent.

More than 45% of work-related health concerns include lower back pain and lumbar region distortion caused by sitting in the wrong chair, or a wrong position for long periods of time. We have identified four most common signs that indicate you need an ergonomically designed chair if you plan to work comfortably all day.

Lower Back Pain

The spinal cord is the most stressed organ since it is responsible for keeping the posture upright all day. When the chair in which you sit is not designed as per the angles of your spine, it can lead to a long-term deformity.

The entire spine rests on the lower vertebrae, so this region becomes inflamed. Due to sitting for long periods, the problem can aggravate. Check out ergonomically designed chairs that take the shape of your spine and provide you with a comfortable seating position without much effort. The Aeron office chair designed by Herman Miller distributes the pressure evenly and aids natural movement.

Numbness In Lower Body

Have you been experiencing numb toes and calves after working the entire day? This could also be a sign that you have been sitting in the wrong chair. If the chair is not designed keeping in mind the functionality and human factor, then it is going to cause poor blood circulation in the lower body. You may feel sensation in your feet or a mild paralysis due to temporarily bad circulation. This is caused when the edge of the chair seat does not offer optimum thigh support.

Sore Neck And Shoulders

This could be an everyday affair for those working for long hours without a break. The shoulder and neck may become stiff due to sitting in the wrong position for hours. Bending forward towards the laptop screen is responsible for the need to take a painkiller everyday.

You need an elevated desk for your laptop and an ergonomic chair for optimal back support. Whether you lean forward or sit up straight or lean back, the desk and chair angles should not cause you physical stress. This affects the psychological process over time too. Sleep remains disturbed due to constant pain, even when lying down. When furniture is designed keeping in mind the human factors, the outcome is always comfort.

Slow Digestive Process

Sitting for a long duration is bad for the human body. To add to that, if the seating is not comfortable or not designed to favor the blood circulation, this can ruin the digestive process in the long run.

Bad digestion will lead to abnormal weight gain as the fat gets accumulated instead of converting into energy. The right chair will make you sit upright without straining your shoulders and spine.


Your office chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture, just like your bed. Your spine deserves no less so do not hesitate to invest in a good office chair. It’s important because work cannot be avoided and you cannot continue to be happy and productive if you are always in pain. We hope you listen to your body and identify the signs to get yourself the perfect chair.


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