4 Pieces That Finish A Bedroom

A few well-chosen additions or decorative accents can help to transform a bedroom into a cozier, more comfortable and more relaxing environment. While a top-down redesign can seem like an overly ambitious undertaking, even the addition of a single accent item can often make a dramatic impact on the surrounding decor. Finding just the right piece to finish a bedroom is not a matter that should be left to chance.

Plants and Flowers

A little greenery goes an awfully long way. House plants are the perfect option for creating a lush and vibrant atmosphere, especially in rooms or areas that may feel too stale or barren. Going one step further and using fresh flowers to dress up the bedroom is a great way to inject a splash of color into the design scheme or to ensure the air smells fresh and pleasant. From floor plants and accent vases to hanging pots and wall-climbing ivy, there are plenty of ways to incorporate plants into a bedroom design scheme.

4 Pieces That Finish A Bedroom


Comfortable Furnishings

Although design elements and tasteful decorations are important, bedroom environments still need to be practical. The addition of a recliner, loveseat or even a more comfortable mattress can upgrade a bedroom in more ways than one. Replacing furnishings that have begun to worn out, items that may be a bit dated and those that may not be as comfortable as they could be may end up being well worth the effort or expense.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, which makes them an ideal option for those who are seeking ways to update their bedroom decor. The right shades, blinds or drapes make it easier to let in more natural light during the day as well as to keep unwanted light sources from causing problems at night. While window treatments may seem like a minor detail, the right design can often help to dramatically shift the focus to different aspects of the surrounding decor.

Lamps and Light Fixtures

Interior lighting is an essential aspect of bedroom design, one that is too often overlooked. A vintage lamp, hanging light fixtures or even a different lampshade are all simple additions that can be very effective in terms of updating the look and feel of the space. Fixtures that provide superior versatility and lamps that make it easier to illuminate the space make it much easier to create and maintain a more comfortable bedroom atmosphere.

4 Pieces That Finish A Bedroom

Designing the Perfect Bedroom

When it comes to creating the perfect design scheme, no detail is too small that it should escape consideration. Even a seemingly minor accent item or mundane decorative piece could end up playing an important role in crafting just the right look or style. The accent items and decorative additions that will be used to put the finishing touches on a bedroom design scheme could end up being just as important as the floor plan arrangement or color scheme and should always be chosen with care.


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