3 plants to plant around a swimming pool

How to create a plant cocoon around the pool? A few precautions are necessary: ​​sufficient space should be left between the pond and plants so that dead leaves and faded flowers do not fall into the water too easily and the plants do not have to suffer from chlorinated water. In addition, we avoid plants with thorns, shrubs that sucker a lot and whose roots could damage your installation, and plants that are very melliferous in the event of an allergy to bees. Also note that in general, the pool enjoys a good exposure: turn to plants that appreciate full sun and drought. But the choice is still wide: here are 3 plants to plant around your swimming pool .

The Palm tree

Around the swimming pool, what tree will better evoke the holidays than the palm tree? Be sure to choose a species suited to your climate. Among the most hardy palms, we find, for example, the Trachycarpus fortunei (also called hemp palm) which appreciates that the ground remains cool in summer, or the Sabal minor, a dwarf palm that is easy to cultivate but which fears strong winds .

Olive Tree

The olive tree is all the Mediterranean charm. Its silhouette with a knotty trunk and its evergreen foliage of an elegant silver color makes it the perfect decoration for the surroundings of your pond. Relatively chilly, the olive tree can however withstand brief periods of cold down to -10°C. It likes full sun and well-drained soil. Prefer to choose a location sheltered from the prevailing cold winds and drafts.


What could be nicer when leaving the pool than smelling the smell of lavender? Install lavender plants in clumps or in ribbons so that they can form small, low, fragrant hedges.

Its summer flowering is abundant but its evergreen foliage is not to be outdone with its silver reflections. Lavender is easy to grow: although in the Mediterranean, it tolerates cold well (the hardiest lavenders such as lavandin resist temperatures down to -20°C) and does not require much water (once well established, it does not need watering except in case of prolonged drought). It will just be necessary to carry out an annual pruning.


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