27 Modern Lighting Solutions

Either you’re living in an apartment or in a big house you gotta have some modern lighting solutions to give your home a certain touch and make it look. I’m hoping that you would find inspiration in these wonderful lamps that you have here in this article.

Babelute Lamp

Bloom Light

Carbon 451 Lamp

Carrement Lamp

Celeste Lights

Cloud Lamp

Corso Light

Dlight Bubbles

Du und ich Lamp

Flower Light

Fura Lamp

Glanta Lamp

La Plic Light

Light Form

Lior N2 Lamp

Magna Lights

OCO Light

Origamis Hunter

Platonic Suns Lamp

Print Lamp

Raindrop Chandelier

Recreation of Daylight

Saturn Lamp

Solar Powered Lamp


Trex Lamp

Volume.MGX Lamp


Tags: light, product design

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