20 Contemporary Kitchen Designs That Abound With Blissful Simplicity

According to some studies even 70 percent of the time spent in the house, we spend in the kitchen. In the kitchen beside the food preparation, we perform many other activities, such as cleaning, eating, socializing and the like. In addition to meet the many functions that typically range in that space, the kitchen should be well organized and adapted to every situation. Whether it is large, small or embedded in another room, you should always consider what all you will work in that space, and how much time you will spend here. It is essential to make better use of the existing space and to compensate or complement certain drawbacks.

When the kitchen mainly is used for the preparation and cooking of food, most attention should be paid to the workspace. If it is intended dining at the kitchen space or socializing for a longer stay, you must adjust it and make it comfortable and to be linked to the rest of the living space. Since the kitchen facilities generally are spatially limited, it is very important that the organization of the space is of the highest quality and acceptable for everyone. We present you one collection of some blissful kitchen designs in contemporary style, just to inspire you to get some ideas for decorating your dream kitchen!


Image via John Gauld Photography


Image via Nicholas Adams Photography


Image via Craig Magee Photography


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