19 Most Spectacular Outdoor Seating Options That You Will Be Admired Of

The backyard is not a place in which you can only dig, take care about plants, but in the garden you can also sit and enjoy in the hot days. Here we will describe how to organize outdoor seating, but not the terrace. When we wrote about a pergola we mentioned that they are used as part of the seating in the garden level of the field or just above it.

Backyards are converted into luxurious extensions of the house. That way the people have a new favorite space for relaxation, entertainment and cooking. A heart and soul of the courtyard areas is the seating area. The first step in making plans for the garden, is to consider the functionality of the space and the ways in which it will be used. You should always keep in mind proven adage “form follows the function” while considering layout of the yard and then you can not be wrong. If a space which is not designed for regular gathering of a large number of people, there is no need to be a lot of people placed into one space of the yard, it will be better if the space is separated into several smaller spaces. Now is the right time to consider how to organize this space to be ready to enjoy the warm days. Pay attention to materials and colors in the pictures below and apply it in your backyard.


Image via WA design


Image via Balfour Walker


Image via Joe Dodd Designs


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