19 Astounding In-Floor Lighting Ideas For Charming Atmosphere

When renovating or buying a new apartment or house, the most common dilemma is what style of interior design to choose. Aesthetic criteria are the most common selection criteria, it is important to note that the choice should be made based on that how much and what the space allows, and in accordance with the functional needs of the family.

Lighting is one of the key elements that will turn your house into your cozy home. Good lighting creates comfortable place, and conducive to peaceful atmosphere and security in the home. Despite the knowledge of the people on these issues, many of us don’t pay attention to the good lighting of the home. They often make mistakes in the choice of lighting fixtures, and in deployment and even in their installation. Since it has psychological and emotional effect on us, the quality of the light is very important. Big contrast is straining our eyes and standard lighting is monotonous and bland. Things should be well balanced.

Once you find ideas for the other elements of the home, also you need to find creative ideas for the lighting. You can choose the type of the lighting, depending on the affect that you want to achieve. Beside the ordinary lighting, you can set some creative lights that will make special atmosphere and will turn your home into luxury and sophisticated place. For example, you can set in-floor lighting. That way you will create interesting shadow, which will give charm and beautiful atmosphere in any home. See some suggestions and maybe you will find some helpful ideas!


Image via Abigail Leese


Image via Carole Poirot


Image via Dan Levin


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