18 Marvelous Rocking Chair Designs That Are Worth Having

The rocking chair does not differ much from the ordinary chair, except that its legs are connected to two curved skis. By moving the weight of the body forward / backward or slightly relaxing, we achieve a sense of comfort and relaxation. They can be used in indoor and outdoor areas, and usually are made of wood. But for achieving utmost relaxation, you can add pillows, and make it more comfortable.

It is believed that the first rocking chair was made by Benjamin Franklin. Since then, its basic appearance has not changed much, though it is always a good motivation and inspiration for many designers. Nowadays can be found various kinds of rocking chairs, but the most frequently is used the ordinary wooden rocking chair. If you want to enrich your living space with such a beautiful furniture piece, we suggest you to look at our fascinating collection to get inspired. Here we present you different kinds of rocking chairs, it is up to you to decide which one can adorn your living space!


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