18 Divine Mini Fish Pond Ideas to Break the Monotony in Your Yard

Want to have a fish pond in your yard and you think it’s expensive pleasure? This is not so hard, if you do it on your own with little help of a specialized company. The presence of water in the garden, whether it is a fountain or small pond, increases the feeling of calm. Ponds are suitable for breeding fish and turtles, which can make the yard more interesting place, especially if the middle of the pond is a small island where you can relax at any time.

Select the location of the lake on flat surface and fix any imperfections and places that are not balanced with aligning the heights. Decorate the bottom and sides with stones by your choice. Fill the hole with water and then surround the pond with decorative stones. Around it you can plant lowΒ  colorful flowers. Plant some aquatic plants in compact soil in pots and place them inside the lake. And that’s it, your pond is done!


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