18 Brilliant Mediterranean Garage Designs For Your Inspiration

Having a garage to shelter your car from the elements is one thing, but having a garage that does the same and much more while also adding a lot of value to your home’s exterior design is a completely different thing. The Mediterranean garage design is a great example of how a garage can be much more than just a roof for your car.

Welcome to this new compilation of outdoor designs in which we’re going to show you 18 Brilliant Mediterranean Garage Designs For Your Inspiration. Take a few moments to explore this fresh collection and you’re going to discover many awesome ideas that will shed new light on what a garage can be. Enjoy!

1. Mediterranean Estate in Preston Hollow

2. Mediterranean Garage

3. Lakeside Villa

4. Mediterranean Garage and Garden

5. Garden and Garage

6. Italian Renaissance Villa in Dallas, TX

7. RSF Contemporary Hacienda

8. Tuscan remodel and addition

9. Balboa Coves Remodel

10. Casa Real – Knoxville, TN

11. Renovated Montecito Mediterranean

12. Mediterranean Garage

13. La Jolla Coastal Mediterranean

14. Menlo Park

15. Southern California Estate

16. Custom Estate in Talis Park

17. Tiburon Villa Tara Hill

18. Rancho Mirage, CA


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