18 Breathtaking Tree-Lighting Design Ideas That Will Enhance Your Exterior

The outdoor lighting is important part of the design of the green areas. To make your yard or garden even more beautiful, certainly has a wide range of modern technology of illumination. Apart from it that it can create a pleasant atmosphere in the home, lighting plays an important role and in the garden. Adding pleasant lighting in the backyard, you can create a warm welcoming atmosphere. Lighting can be added via candles, floating ball for the pool, solar lighting, chandeliers that hang from the pergola or the ceiling of your terrace. Avoid bright and neon lights. One idea is to get a lamp with batteries placed inside the vessel and then inflated balloons spread float in your pool. This illumination, with a globe effect, it will be interesting detail in your garden.

Create a romantic atmosphere in an open oasis of using many sources of lighting in your yard. There are also modern, light pots and stones that have wonderful evening glow, after exposure to sunlight. Another interesting option is tree-lighting. With this kind of lighting you will have romantic atmosphere and charming illuminated yard. Place lights on every tree in your yard, or in front of the tree with the light source pointed on the tree. If you don’t know how it will look like, take a look at our collection and you will see. Enjoy!


Image via Peter Hurley Art




Image via Linda Oyama Bryan


Image via George Dzahristos


Image via Ross Van Pelt


Image via Westhauser Photography




Image via Charlie Mayer


Image via Grab Photography


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Author: Ana Duovska


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