18 Amazing Transitional Deck Designs That Will Transform Your Outdoor Areas

The transitional deck is a perfect example of the blend of the contemporary and traditional styles when it comes to outdoor areas. A good deck design is an essential feature of any well-designed outdoor space that is intended for multiple functions. It can provide you with a place to host your outdoor party but it can also be the new spot for your morning coffee and breakfast. It all depends on the space and layout that you have at your disposal, but a good design is going to open up many new opportunities.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we are going to show you 18 Amazing Transitional Deck Designs That Will Transform Your Outdoor Areas. Take a look at the photos that we have featured in this collection if you are looking to get some inspiration and ideas that will help you reinvent your outdoor areas. This collection is a part of our recent showcase of the transitional style in which we’ve covered all of the interior areas and have begun working on the outdoor spaces, starting from the transitional porch. Enjoy!

1. Transitional Deck

2. Modern Loft

3. Elegant family residence in Summer Hill

4. Downtown Modern- Terrace

5. Drew’s Honeymoon House

6. Noe House

7. Warmington Residential

8. Gorah Elephant Camp Addo

9. Charles River Square

10. Hawthorn East Extension

11. Transitional Deck

12. 6767 N Meridian Street

13. The Jackson II at Woodhall

14. Prospect Heights

15. Transitional Terrace

16. Suburban Outdoor Sanctuary

17. Lakehouse Retreat

18. Wilderness Ridge


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