18 Absolutely Stunning Asian Swimming Pool Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

One of the most certain ways to raise the value of your property is by expanding its outdoor capabilities in the form of a brand new swimming pool. These Asian swimming pool designs that we’ve featured in this collection are not just going to increase your home’s value, they will also provide you with more reasons to spend time outside and enjoy your outdoor areas. Seriously, what’s better than taking a dip in your very own swimming pool after a busy day at work?

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we’ve featured 18 Absolutely Stunning Asian Swimming Pool Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away. 
In case you’ve missed it, we’ve been working on a showcase of the Asian home design for quite a while now, and we’ve managed to feature plenty of interior and exterior designs. The Asian swimming pool is one of the last, and most exclusive areas of the Asian home that we’ll include in this showcase. Among the rest, you can find outdoor designs such as the Asian deck, landscape, balcony and patio. Enjoy!

1. Onella Residence

2. Large indoor Asian pool

3. Extravagant Asian Swimming Pool

4. Sea View

5. Japanese Pool

6. Agnes Street

7. The Asian Penthouse

8. Chen Residence

9. Coronado Serenity

10. Bedfordale House

11. Asian Swimming Pool and Patio

12. Castlecrag House

13. Japanese Teahouse Mill Valley


14. Makena Residence


15. 31 Albion Place

16. Cherokee Road

17. Indian Pool


18. Bridport Koi Pond


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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