17 Stunning Vertical Garden Designs That Are Worth Seeing

Green walls, vertical gardens, living walls or just gardens, regardless of their name, these small ensembles of greenery made in the vertical plan, are worth having. You can use them in the interior or exterior, and if you follow the rules, the possibilities are endless. In the gallery below, you can see only some of the ideas for vertical gardens. They will refresh your decor and enhance the design of your house in a remarkable way.

Green walls are becoming increasingly popular. Some of the biggest green walls are made of 2009 or later, which makes this trend popular and modern. Fortunately, most of these green walls are made in public by the institutions, to improve the aesthetics and refresh the air, so we can all enjoy the views on some of the most beautiful green walls. Beside that, there are many kinds of vertical gardens and green walls, which can be made in the home. Internal or external, they will look beautiful and will give stunning look to every place. In our collection below, you can see many inspirational examples that will help you to make such a beauty in your garden. Check out below, and see what we’ve got for you!


Image via Alex Maguire


Image via Sarah Moore


Image via Rob Karosis


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