17 Outstanding Small Garden Designs That Will Delight You

In circumstances where we are limited by the dimensions of the garden, it is required great creativity to build the perfect garden. The only advantage of the small gardens, is that the boundaries of the surface are visually observable, and therefore we have a clear picture of the shape of the garden, which means that we have the opportunity to create a unique masterpiece in our gardens.

In the design of the small garden spaces, it is important to pay attention to the adjustment of the surface that we have available, with the desire and purpose of the garden in the future. So, taken into account the available space, in the garden usually can be placed many garden features, such as: a children’s playground, garden sofas for relaxing with loved ones, a summer kitchen, working corner etc… The ideas are a lot, it all depend on the dimensions of your garden space. If you have very small available space, but you still want to have garden, we present you one inspirational collection with some interesting ideas that will motivate you to do the most of your garden. Take a look below, and you will remain delighted!



Tags: decorating garden, garden, small garden

Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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