17 Irresistible Ideas For Designing Outdoor Bar

Placing a bar in the yard is the final seal of the courtyard. Although many people would think that this is a costly solution and that only the rich people can afford it, we would not agree with that. Outdoor bar is a practical and fun solution for a part of the yard that you intended for socializing and having fun with your friends. We have a few ideas to help you to make the best use of space and to reduce the cost.

Before you start building a bar, decide where will be its location and how much space will it occupy. If you have a little space available, e.g. on the courtyard terrace, consider setting up a mobile bar on wheels. This solution will not require plumbing and much maintenance. In the design of the bar, you should include shelves, ice trays, space for dirty dishes, etc. A bar made of solid material, such as brick, is another option that requires a little more resources. Such a bar can also be placed into a small space, but you will not be able to move it. When building a bar, which is an integral part of the garden, attention should be paid to the height. There should be also several bar stools for the bar and they need to prove you to sit comfortable and relaxed. In the bar should have possibilities to install a sink with a tap, but also a mini fridge. These are the main things that your bar to need have. The other elements depend on the space that you have available. By building an outdoor bar you will get space for socializing with guests and a new focal point in the yard. See some functional designs and get inspired to make something similar in your yard!


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