17 Beautiful Scandinavian Porch Designs You’ll Like

The Scandinavian style is known for its focus on simplicity and elegance in functionality as well as the bright color scheme that makes the most out of the limited daylight in the Scandinavian region. It might make you wonder whether a Scandinavian porch is actually useful. On one hand you’ll have a space to sit outside and enjoy a breath of fresh air but on the other hand, the weather in the Scandinavian region is not that enjoyable for the most part. So does it make sense to have a Scandinavian porch?

If you take a look at the designs that we’ve featured in this new collection of 17 Beautiful Scandinavian Porch Designs You’ll Like, you’ll probably find plenty of inspirational ideas. But the answer to the question above really depends on your budget and layout. If you’ve got the space and can find a porch design that fits within your budget, you will have an enjoyable space for when the weather allows you to stay outside.

1. Kedron Home

2. Thoughtbarn

3. U’s House

4. Scandinavian Porch



7. Scandinavian Porch

8. Simple Scandinavian Style

9. Learmonth Street, Buninyong

10. Scandi Style

11. The Oar and Line Project

12. Porch and deck

13. Brisbane Queenslander

14. Håven 5

15. Sörgårdsgatan 17

16. Scandinavian Porch

17. Vast Porch


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