17 Astounding Small Backyard Ideas That Are Worth Stealing

The basic rule for decorating small courtyard is simplicity. Although it seems that the small gardens and yards, we think of the gardens of a few square meters, it is easy to design and make sense, that is not so. To devised and planned a small garden it is necessary to contemplate the space wisely and to have feel for the same. Different effects can be achieved by creating different images in a really small yard.

Avoid too many decorative elements and go step by step. Keep the topic that will be kept throughout the entire design of the yard. Focus on contrasting different materials and always remember, less is more. The most beautiful decorated small yards are already in the project planned to the smallest detail. Plants are selected and arranged so that the yard looks beautiful all year round. To the harmony and beauty of the garden, will contribute the plants of different heights and you should use no more than three colors including green. IN the following photo gallery you can see some beautifully decorated small backyards that will attract your attention for sure! Enjoy in our examples!


Image via Brandon Barre Architectural Photographer


Image via Anthony Crisafulli


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