16 Wonderful Scandinavian Deck Designs For Amazing Outdoor Moments

Scandinavian deck design is all about creating an outdoor space that is sleek, modern, and minimalist. These decks often feature a neutral color palette, with white, grey, or beige being popular choices. The focus is on creating a clean and uncluttered look, so you won’t find any unnecessary embellishments or decorations.

One of the key features of a Scandinavian deck is its functionality. These decks are designed to be used year-round, so they often include features such as built-in heaters, fireplace pits, and covered areas to protect against the elements. The use of high-quality, durable materials is also important, as these decks need to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions found in the Scandinavian region.

In terms of layout, Scandinavian decks tend to be fairly simple and straightforward. They often feature a single level, with a few different areas for relaxation and entertaining. These might include a seating area with comfortable outdoor furniture, a dining area with a table and chairs, and possibly even a small kitchen or bar area.

Overall, Scandinavian deck design is all about creating a functional, low-maintenance outdoor space that is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re relaxing with a book, hosting a dinner party, or just enjoying the view, a Scandinavian outdoor space is the perfect place to do it.

1. Strathleven Road

2. Sunnerstavägen, Brottby

3. Blue House Yarraville

4. Woodstock Decks

5. Holmytorp

6. Rooftop Sauna

7. Glenrich Builders – Brunswick

8. Moores Pocket House

9. Scandinavian Deck

10. House on Sunset Ridge

11. North Fork Bluff House

12. Sapphire Eco Cabin

13. Scandinavian Deck

14. Gamla Tyresövägen

15. 90 Furman

16. Villa Søsvinget


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