16 Gorgeous Small Balcony Designs In Traditional Style

No matter how small is your terrace, it is surely for you a real oasis, especially in the good weather conditions. And a few minutes to enjoy on the terrace can be a real relaxation. However, as for any other small space, it is important to think hard and make sense of every detail. If you have a small terrace and you think that it can not look fantastic, you’re wrong. A small terrace can become comfortable refuge, with comfortable design and style that you love, minimalist, Boho-Chic, traditional, Scandinavian. Because is this small area, when planning you need to consider and to design carefully every detail.

For first, you need to think about options for seating. You can place a bench or a comfortable chair, can add a little greenery to the wall or floor, a small table and a couple of lanterns and candles and you can get a comfortable terrace. If your space allows it, you can put and rug or cushions to get the maximum comfort. Other options is to set one small table and a couple of chairs. If you don’t have any idea, see our examples, and you might copy some! Enjoy!


Image via Alfredo Arias Photo


Image via Kentaro Kurihara


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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