16 Beautiful Courtyards With Stone Stairs That You Would Love To Have

Stairs in the garden make it easier to overcome the difference in the height. The stairs are very important stylish detail for every yard. In the courtyard you can create stairs of any material, whether it be concrete, brick, wood, gravel, stone, metal. Each material can be incorporated in the surrounding greenery and vegetation, but there is the most important composition. The essence of the stairs, is to be functional and to enable you to easily walk on a steep yard, but that does not mean that their design can not be creative.

If you are imaginative and you love to beautify the surrounding of your home or cottage, remember that you can choose different styles, namely, you can make natural, forest environment or you can design it in a modern style, to follow straight lines and geometric shapes. If you play around with materials and plants that you plant in the garden, you will create a beautiful stepped path. In addition we present you some beautiful ideas of stone steps for your courtyard. See our photo gallery, and might find many inspirational examples. have fun!


Image via Westphalen Photography


Image via David Wakely


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