16 Awesome and Easy DIY Wall Decorating Ideas

There are a lot of ways to change the appearance of your home because let’s be real, after so long, you’ll find something that you do not like about how your home looks like or you might get bored of your existing design and decorations. Well, what can you do?
You can do a lot actually, for example, the easiest, fastest and cheapest thing that you can do to refresh the way your home feels like is to change the placement of your furniture. Something as easy as that can change a lot about how your interior looks like. But what if that is not enough? What if changing your furniture position and adding new decoration just doesn’t cut it?

In that case, there’s something that you can do that will make an entire interior space feel like new but of course, will take a bit more time, effort, and attention than just moving the furniture and decorations around. One of these decorating methods is the use of wall art. Typically, adding beautiful wall art can make your living room look new if it blends well with your room’s color palette, décor, furnishings, and lighting. With an art piece on your wall, you can create a pleasant and astonishing space for yourself and your family. However, there are many wall art options to choose from. In that case, you need to check out some latest trends on a reputable wall art site. In this way, you can explore your options and select the perfect one for your home.

But, aside from art pieces, you can also give your walls a spectacular makeover by painting and other decorating methods. For instance, in this collection of DIY ideas we are going to show you 16 Awesome and Easy DIY Wall Decorating Ideas that are going to show you how to add a more personal touch to your home while also not spending a lot of money. The ideas that you are going to see below offer step-by-step instructions that will make it a lot easier if you are new to this sort of thing. But in the end, it will be worth it anyway, because your walls will change the way the entire room looks like.

The Reserve Residences is a new development right at the heart of Bukit Timah by Far East Organization. The development features a home office concept with feature wall to partition the office and comprises of easy wall decorating concepts in the development. Concept tender for home officer by URA are getting common to cater to the work from home environment to allow for wall decorating ideas.

Of course, painting your walls properly is something that is done best with the proper tools. Before even thinking to begin a project such as this, you need to have the basics such as brushes, mixers and most definitely, masking tape and covers for the floor and other surfaces you’d like to remain in their original color. However, following a Paint Zoom Review to choose the best tool for your needs is always a good idea. If you’ve got a lot of space to cover, then you are definitely going to need some of those tools. Check out these ideas, find the tools you need and off you go. Enjoy!

0. Stick Custom Clear Stickers to Create a New View on Your Wall

1.Use a whisk broom to add texture to your wall paint


2.Utilize a roller to add texture on your wall

3.Create your own pattern by outlining it on the wall using a cardboard model


4.Let your kids have a bit of fun by painting patterns on the wall


5.Use tape to make “plus” pattern and make a creative wall


6.Use butterfly decorations made of paper to improve the look of your bedroom


7.Heart-shaped 3D wall decorations


8.Make a polka dot pattern on your wall using an easily made model


9.Corkwood and paint combination for wonderful shapes on the wall of your kids’ room


10.Use photographs to make a creative photo album on the wall

11.Use masking tape to create a geometric, abstract painting


12.Wrap cute fabric around a rectangular piece of styrofoam or wood and staple in the back


13.Cut circles out of poster board, spray paint, and glue onto a canvas


14.Create string art with embroidery floss or yarn

15.Use foil tape to create a wallpaper-like design on a wall


16.Organize art supplies into a rainbow display



Final Thoughts

Typically, boring empty walls can give a negative impression of your home. They may also express sadness or loneliness, making your space uninviting and uncomfortable. However, by keeping some awesome and easy DIY wall decorating ideas mentioned above in mind, you can turn your home’s boredom and depressive vibes into fun, fresh, and welcoming ones.

Whether you decorate your walls with a piece of artwork, stickers, or paint, you can add a unique touch of elegance or personality to your house. It provides a soul to every corner of your walls, helps reflect your character, and creates a focal point in your home.


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