16 Attractive Small Balcony Designs You Have Never Seen Before

It would be ideally if your home have a large patio or balcony, because then the possibilities for their arrangement are limitless. But the real skill is required if you want to arrange a small balcony and make it a pleasant spot to enjoy the free part of the day. Given that it is a small space, to be optimally used, should follow the same rules as those applied in the regulation of small interiors. If you want to make a sitting area, the perfect solution is the angular sofas.

That way, the space will most used and you can get more space for pots with flowers and a small folding table for coffee. Another interesting, and indeed modern option is “hanging” chairs or armchairs that are both space-saving and perfectly comfortable. Flush trim cushions with interesting patterns and pots in different colors, are always welcomed for a pleasant ambience of your small, yet beautiful balcony. Additional dose of inspiration you will find below in our inspirational collection. Take a look and enjoy in our proposals!


Image via Par Bengtsson Photography


Image via Kentaro Kurihara


Image via Phillip Mueller Photography


Image via Maree Homer


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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