16 Attractive Pergola Designs To Beautify Your Yard This Spring

There is no easier way to rest and relax, than enjoying in a middle of the yard or on the terrace! You can stay in a green oasis with a separate seating area with wooden pergolas, which enable intimacy and warmth of the space. It can be perfect place for the first morning coffee, relaxation at sunset, for hanging out with your loved ones!

Pergolas can be individually built in the garden or embedded in a residential building as a natural extension. They can be placed above the carriageway, as a replacement for the eaves, above the seating area in the yard, above the grill and the like. It is a great mainstay of the plants, but also will reduce the sunlight in some areas, or lay on an already built terrace, in which case they act as an external living room in a semi-open space. They can be of different height, but it is best when they are higher than 2.5 meters. In order to make wooden pergolas to look beautiful, and to last for decades, it is important the wooden beams to be made of quality wood, to be well-processed, without roughness or scraps of the material. Browse our collection below, and you will see some fascinating pergolas to inspire you to make something similar in your yard this spring!


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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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