16 Attractive Garden Designs In Country Style

Careful planning of the yard and the garden, will create a picture of a fairy tale. The paths, lighting, plants, pergolas, fountains … are the elements that set on the right place, will set aside your yard in relation to others. Whether it is a garden in informal or formal, modern or classic style, with few tricks you’ll discover how to make better look of your garden.

The plants are really the basis of every garden. They not only look good, but can hide all the flaws of your yard. When you want to hide some part of your garden, choose plants of sufficient height. Another structure that will make your garden interesting – are rocks and stones. They will give to your yard the texture, color and depth. The best will fit with garden ponds or with garden fountains. Rock gardens are the easiest way to transform every boring yard into beautiful one. The yard can be enriched with some larger object such as a pergola. Pergola will provide privacy but also serve as a support for your climbing plants and vines. In addition we present you one collection of beautifully decorated country gardens. Take a look below, and find the best solution for your garden. Enjoy!


Image via Janet Bligh Garden Designs


Image via Janet Bligh Garden Designs


Image via Ani Evans Photography


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