16 Appealing Shabby Chic Style Porch Designs That Can Replace Your Living Room

The shabby chic style porch is going to be our first collection of outdoor designs in our showcase of the shabby chic home decor style since we have finished with the interior designs with the collection of 16 Intriguing Shabby Chic Entryway Designs For A Warm Welcome To Your Home
Now, we are going to show you how and prove to you why the shabby chic style porch can replace your living room. In the designs below, you won’t have a hard time to notice that the featured porches offer anything that your living room does except that it is outdoors where you can enjoy the weather, the smooth breeze and the surroundings. This of course, doesn’t mean that the porch is only able to be used in good weather. That’s why there are lots of ways to make your porch suitable for all kinds of weather as you’ll see in some of the images.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs from the shabby chic style in which we have featured 16 Appealing Shabby Chic Style Porch Designs That Can Replace Your Living Room. This collection is the first of the many to come which will showcase even more outdoor designs from this style as part of our showcase. In the end, this showcase will be a great source for inspiration and ideas for any fan of this style or those who have recently become interested in it. Enjoy!

Color Rules at Blue Stallion Farm in Florida

Fresh Start

Columbus, Ohio

Vintage Farmhouse Flair in the Philly Suburbs

Dreamy, Organic Style in a Tampa Cottage

Brookline Restoration

Fish Camp Beach Cottage

Ford Caretaker’s Cottage Renovation

Shabby Chic Style Porch

Ruppert Backyard

Island Dwelling

Vintage-Inspired Inglewood Cottage

Peaceful summer

MM Flea Market Style

Shabby Chic Porch

Dallas, TX: Constance Chantilis


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