15 Stylish Ideas How To Cover Your Radiators

Whether your home is decorated modern or traditional, mask for the radiator is one of the details that will give to any room a special character. In order to fit the aesthetics and functionality, is increasingly coming back in the interior, so called radiator coverings or masks, which can be found in a variety of materials, colors and shapes. As more and more popular lining, used the so-called. ‘Locker-liners’ – narrower elements in the form of a cabinet placed in front of the radiator, whose front side is perforated, due to the smooth flow of warm air into the room.

This type of radiator mask is very practical, since it has to be, just like in the classic cabinets. Another advantage of this radiator mask is that it provides full utilization of the upper surface of the additional storage. In order not to neglect such an important aesthetic appeal, it should be noted that the perforations at the front can be ordered in a range of some creative designs and patterns – from rosettes and diamond motifs, to the fish bones and various geometric shapes! Take a look below, and you will see various examples of interesting and cool masks and coverings for the radiator!


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