15 Stunning Contemporary Deck Designs To Enhance Your Backyard

The previous outdoors design collection of 15 Fabulous Backyard Swimming Pool Designs You’d Wish You Owned and 15 Impressive Modern Deck Designs For Your Backyard Or Rooftop which we have made within the past couple of days are a great way to get ideas about what you can do to improve your backyard or garden with in order to prepare for the beautiful spring weather.
But of course, everyone has a different taste, and we think that there weren’t enough versatile designs in the previous collections, so we decided to expand your idea book with some more contemporary deck designs.

Welcome to our newest collection of outdoors designs that we have given the title of 15 Stunning Contemporary Deck Designs To Enhance Your Backyard. 
This is a collection of contemporary deck designs that are very different between themselves in terms of material and size. Most of the deck designs that you are going to see in this collection feature wood as their main construction and aesthetic design material, which is probably because it is cheaper as well as it gives a good and refreshing look, but there are also a lot of deck designs that have been built entirely out of concrete so that they match the exterior design of the residence that sits beside the deck. Enjoy!

Outdoor Living

Ruess St

Maldon Road

Sunken Connections

Joshua Tree Origin

California Contemporary Deck

The Colony House

Geary Avenue

Modern Summer House

Forest Trail

Carpenter Street

Beaumaris Project

Stratford Road

the open house



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