15 Outstanding Ideas To Refresh The Home With Re-Painted Furniture

Your space desires a little more color, or you, however, are craving for a new creative project that will allow you to move away from your PC and TV? Re-painting the furniture is the perfect solution for both dilemmas! You’ve always liked the beautiful red or, in fact, you are in love with a certain shade of pink, but so far you have not been able to fit in your home decor? It is even better if it stands out as a surprising interior element! But of course, if you like a certain color, it does not mean you have to paint the whole furniture in that shade.

Paint the door of your bedside table, re-paint the table, or some dresser in the home, and you will already enter a welcome change in your space. If you are especially talented and love to draw, for example, try to make a real small mural on the drawers. However, if you want to make a lazy change without vibrant colors, use an elegant dark blue or white color, to create an excellent contrast to the basic brown color of the wood. The purpose of the whole venture is to refresh your space without wasting a small fortune, and if you have fun while decorating your furniture color, the result will be even more enjoyable! Take a look at the following outstanding examples of re-painted furniture ideas that attract attention with their fantastic look!


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