15 Incredible Contemporary Landscape Examples

If you have seen and like our recent collection of 15 Sensational Traditional Landscape Designs For Your Gardenthen you are undoubtedly going to love today’s collection.
Of course the designs that we have shown to you in the previous collection of traditional landscape designs for your garden look absolutely stunning, it might not be what you are looking for. No matter how beautiful and appealing something looks, sometimes it is impossible to make it fit with the rest of the design of your home or garden. This means that you have to find a landscape style which will not only fit the arrangement of your garden or backyard, but also the entire exterior and interior design of your house or villa.
Well, in case your home has been built and decorated in the contemporary design style, you will need to find a suitable contemporary landscape design which won’t be an eyesore when compared to the rest of the home and garden design.
And that is exactly what we are about to show you in this collection of 15 Incredible Contemporary Landscape Examples which you will hopefully find useful and use the inspiration provided to adapt your ideas and create an extraordinary design for your backyard or garden. Enjoy!

Lysterfield Project

EasyTurf Poolside

Rural House, Lancashire

Fairbanks Modern

Allview Terrace

Greenwich Village Townhouse

Vertical Gardening

Urban Movement

Lounging Area by the Pool

Laurel Road

Bernal View Garden

LoHi Private Residence

Contemporary Landscape

Del Mar – Outdoor room





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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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