15 Creative and Savvy DIY Ideas To Upgrade Your Furniture

You can find tons of amazing DIY Ideas on our site which will save you lots of money and help you upgrade your crafting skills while also getting a new product such as a piece of furniture as a result. But there are never enough which is why we are always on the lookout for more outstanding ideas with which we can help you craft your own stuff. With the designs that you are going to see below, we have tried to find ideas that can help you use old pieces of furniture that you no longer have a use for in order to re-purpose them for something else which will take care of some of your storage or organization needs while also saving you lots of money.

Welcome to a new DIY collection in which we have featured 15 Creative and Savvy DIY Ideas To Upgrade Your Furniture. Among the ideas that you can find below are some that can really help you out with the storage and organization of your stuff as well as ideas that can give you an insight of how to creatively turn an old piece of furniture into a decoration or playground for your children. For example, have you ever thought of taking a stool, turning it upside down and attaching bags to the bars between its legs? Well that’s one way to get lots of storage room for various items. That crib that you no longer have a need for since your children have grown out of it? You can turn it into a crafting table for them just by removing the fence from one side. These are just some of the ideas that you are going to see below. Happy crafting!

Re-purpose a stool for storage

Turn an old bookshelf into a storage bench

“Bed Rack”


Combine two dining chairs into a bench

Turn a useless cabinet into garage storage

A crafting table for your kids from a crib

TV unit play kitchen

Piano bookshelf

Upgrade the crib to a toddler bed

Rustic Ladder Towel Rack DIY Ideas

Hanging Chairs Closet

Up-cycle your old TV unit

Bicycle Sink


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