15 Captivating Ideas For Decorating Your Outdoors In Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic style originated in the United Kingdom and evokes the atmosphere of the large houses in which there is a comfortable and warm atmosphere, created with hand-painted pieces of furniture in soft colors and textures. That’s exactly what came to be called the shabby chic – from the word “crippled” and “chic”. This style is very popular because it does not require a big budget, but only great creativity. The magnitude of the imperfection and the natural beauty, is its basic characteristic.

Colors characteristic of this style are reduced to simple and gentle, from white, through light gray, beige and color of white coffee, to the color of lavender, light pink or light turquoise shades. Here you will not notice any major deviations or strong accents in the interior, everything is very sophisticated and gentle. In the spaces decorated in shabby chic style, there are pastel shades like blue, pink, and green, and some details can also appear in silver and golden shades. When it comes to the outdoors, shabby chic can be perfect choice. With decorating your yard in this style, you will get fascinating place for utmost relaxation in your yard. Below we present you some beautiful ideas which might help you to decorate your yard in this gorgeous shabby chic style!


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