14 Extravagant Dreamy Rooftop Places for Relaxation

If you live in apartment and you don’t have your own yard you can make your perfect place for relaxation on the rooftop. You will have amazing panoramic view of the city. You need to use this space properly, and this is the right idea. No matter if it is big or small, it will always be your perfect place for everyday relaxation and enjoyment.

In the following collection you will see various examples how to use this space and how to decorate it properly. A simple way of decoration is to set couple of comfortable chairs and small table and your place for relaxation is ready. But if you want more pleasant space you need to set some sofa or other comfortable seating elements. Get inspiration from the following collection.


Image via Jeri Keogel


Image via dennismayer.com


Image via eladgonen.com


Image via Coy Gutierrez


Image via jtliving.com


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