13 Marvelous Contemporary Sunroom Designs for Your Backyard

A sunroom is usually a room which is constructed on the side of a house and is surrounded by a lot of windows or, in the most contemporary sunroom designs, with glass walls. The sunroom allows enjoyment of the surrounding landscape and nature while sitting inside on a warm and cozy place, under shelter from the weather conditions outside. And the experience gets even better if you have your dream backyard right in the point of view from the sunroom.
In most contemporary residences, special sunrooms are not very common because the contemporary style residence is usually made with a lot of windows or glass rooms, so the whole residence is kind of a sunroom.
But, the reason we made this collection of 13 marvelous contemporary sunroom designs for your backyard is because we wanted to show you how you can incorporate a contemporary sunroom into a normal home, or even a contemporary home if it does not have enough windows or glass walls.

Telegraph Hill

High End Glass Sunroom

Brookline Residence

Midwest Residence

Modern Cottage

Cove House

Swampscott Waterfront Residence

Contemporary Sunroom in Portland

Isis Ceiling Fan Sunroom

Amazing Sunroom in DC

Scandinavian Contemporary Sunroom


Darien Residence


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Author: Fidan Jovanov


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