12 Spiral Garden Designs Ideal For Small Spaces

It seems to us that a lot of people are interested in making a garden in the form of a spiral, and with good reason, because if it is properly constructed, garden needs little maintenance and you can in their plants to enjoy throughout the year. For us, the garden in the form of a spiral, includes all the principles of permaculture which implies proximity of the house to the inclusion in the making and a small pond.

The basic idea behind this design of the garden, is to get as many different plants in a limited area. Spiral design and different heights in different parts of the garden, create a number of different environmental conditions, that otherwise would not have been possible in such a small space. This also means that these gardens are ideal for smaller areas, while picking and watering is very easily.

We collected for you a few ideas that may help in the planning of the spiral garden which you have always dreamed of. Here you will see a variety of styles in the photographs, and all you have to do is to choose your favorite and start further research. Have fun and make the garden of your dreams!


Image via Amy Whitworth


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