10 Most Brilliant Steps Art Around the World

Mosaics, portraits and abstract art is what you will find while walking on the most colorful stairs in the world. Some artists around the world sometimes, express their creativity in the most amazing places. Street art has always skillfully managed to beautify the cities, so it should never be too much in any form, as long as it is set in the correct places. Thus, these scales displayed in the gallery below, not only represent an ideal spot through which artists express perfectly their creativity and imagination, but also they are real refreshment areas in the city where they are located.

The most interesting thing is that in order to see the effect of some of these scales, it is necessary to observe from a particular perspective. Small and fast conversion idea can give a completely new look to old and damaged asphalt, just like what happened to these scales worldwide. Street artists have managed the right way to beautify the urban monotony and dullness and to raise a smile at passers-by.

16th Avenue Tiled Steps, San Francisco

Wuppertal, Germany

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Istanbul, Turkey

Beirut, Lebanon

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Sicily, Italy

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Seoul, South Korea

Valparaíso, Chile


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