10 Luxury Rooftops That are the Ultimate Summer Crave

All you need is these luxe rooftops and Al fresco all day. Right?

The summer is about to knock on our doors so is the anticipation of the rooftop BBQ’s. The parties under the sun, under the moon and the sunbathing sessions are calling our names already. With having a rooftop terrace the opportunities are endless, so this is one of the many reasons to take your summer dreaming to the next level.

Get inspired by these worthy rooftop terraces and some patio roof ideas that will stay in your mind for a long time.

1. Downtown View

All those day-long hangouts could be easily arranged with this low-set rooftop. Its natural shade makes the perfect terrace for beautiful evenings too.

2. Seaside Dining

This rooftop terrace is in Miami. The beautiful bar stools are so complementary towards the space and you can enjoy the dinner along the dreamy view.

3. Mid-Century Modern Cool

Iconic style blend with mid-century modern chairs and a patterned, summery rug is the terrace that inspired us to take you to San Francisco for a moment.

4. Mediterranean Elegance

What’s a plus when it comes today-to-night festivities? To have a variety of seating. It will make everyone happy when feeling tired after the party of the summer long nights.

5. Lavish Picnic Style

This private rooftop at the Gold Coast conjures modern picnic vibes. At least to us. The stone-and-wood dining table is backed with the fantastic city view, and it makes it very special place to be at.

6. A Quaint Setting

For a rustic look and vibe like this one you can add white-washed wood accents and railings. For some maximum comfort pair it with a cozy patterned couch.

7. Cityscape Panorama

The epitome of this NYC rooftop is sweeping city views and all-black and wood decor. Perfect, perfect!

8. Indoor-Outdoor Duo

Janet Lenzen

When you equip a terrace it’s always a wise idea to do it both with indoor and outdoor space. This way you can relax in the shade for a quick break from the heat.

9. Sheltered With Drapes

To ensure that you have privacy and the desired shade you should add drapes. They are a great window accessory, both indoors and outdoors.

10. Mountain Escape

The long loungers are a must for those lazy, leisurely days in the sun.


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