Who Is At the Door? Check Your Phone

Crowdfunding has to be one of the biggest buzz words of the last year. Kickstarter and Indiegogo really put a different spin on how to create a product. Unfortunately, many good products don’t achieve funding goals. A new type of crowdfunding site began to emerge to help move these unfunded projects along, give inventors more infrastructure and feedback while also protecting buyers. Christie Street does just that and took on a product that is now funded and slated to launch this summer.

DoorBot looks to be a next generation example of how our phones continue to integrate into and control parts of our lives. DoorBot is a wireless video doorbell that links through your home network to your phone or tablet. Included on the device are a video camera and doorbell. Rather than ringing in the house, DoorBot will ring the app on your device when activated. Whether at home or away, you will immediately see who is ringing. And similar to when a call comes in, you have the chance to speak to them or ignore them. In addition to not missing instructions for delivery people or friends dropping by, DoorBot provides a perfect deterrent for warding off unwanted solicitors. And it can even help you give an illusion that you are home to not encourage thieves.



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