Ways to Have the Best Kitchen for Entertaining

Your kitchen is the hub of entertaining, and you want to be proud to host your guests there. Updating your kitchen should include projects that make your space easier to use and better for hosting every get-together. Here are our five favorite ideas for upgrading your kitchen to full entertainer status.

The Island Bar

Ways to Have the Best Kitchen for Entertaining

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Some kitchens are more efficient with an island in the middle. Additional cabinet space can be tucked right under the island. An overhanging bar makes the island the ideal place for entertaining guests or children while you cook. You could even add a double sink, providing a second space for prep work and dish washing. If you add an oven or sink to this area, you can make the bar surface higher than the work surface, creating a “step down” surface that keeps your guests above the fray.

A Double Oven

Ways to Have the Best Kitchen for Entertaining

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You don’t need a commercial oven, or two ovens, but you do need something bigger if you plan to entertain a lot. A larger oven with more controllable options, like the LG Double Oven Range with EASY CLEAN™ and Intuitouch™ controls will help you cook more and clean faster. Two segmented baking areas means you can bake pies at the same time as the turkey! Six burners on the range allow you to have more sauces, stir frys, or veggies going at once. Getting the maximum space available out of your oven with so much control helps you cook smarter.

The Mini Wine Cellar

Built into the cabinets beneath the counter, the mini wine cellar offers storage for entertaining your guests. Wines are held in this temperature-controlled fridge for easy access to your favorite beverages without over-packing the fridge. Your guests will love the seemingly never-ending supply of bottles kept at just the right temperature.

Open Shelving

Not all of your cabinet space has to be hidden behind doors. Make convenient grab-and-go shelving that shows off your dishes, books or pantry items for an eclectic look in your kitchen. Now, your kitchen items become part of the decor! Hang open shelves or simply take off the cabinet doors and outline the boxes with 2×1 boards, painting the boards to match the rest of your cabinets and the interiors of the shelves white for a fresh look.

More Hidden Storage

Ways to Have the Best Kitchen for Entertaining

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Don’t be afraid to try something different. Bring you cabinets all the way down to the countertops for an elegant look that actually provides more storage space. You now benefit from that extra shelf, something that works really well for long kitchens. You can also extend those cupboards up to the ceiling to get the full length of the cupboard. These cupboards can then be used for storing dishes, cookbooks, baking ingredients, and more in a convenient, but out of sight, location.

Of course, if your kitchen needs updating, then consider fresh coats of paint, a new backsplash, tile floors and more for the ultimate workspace. With your kitchen in top-notch condition, you will be ready to shock and awe guests as the “hostess with the mostest.”


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