Vertical Gardens Changing Gardening in Small Spaces


Vertical gardens have been gaining popularity these days as the price of soil increases. No matter where you live, there are always advantages and benefits you can receive from vertical gardening. Designing your vertical gardens cleverly is one of the keys to make the most of space you have. Today, we will go over the most prominent benefits of having a vertical garden.

Maximize Space

Nowadays, living space is getting more expensive day by day, particularly if you live in Singapore. A lot of people who live in the city do not have the luxury of having a garden as they might if they live in the country side. This is why having a vertical garden becomes an extremely attractive idea.

If you think about it, a vertical garden in Singapore is the best way to optimize the vertical space you have in the city to bring the serenity of a garden to you.

Healthy Plants

Vertical gardens have been proven to create healthier plants because getting plants off the ground will improve the plants root circulation. Also, by having the plants raised there will better the air circulation throughout your residence.

Improved circulation will result in fewer pests, less disease for your plants, allowing them to be healthy. A vertical setup can also minimize the damages that can be caused by wild animals or pets that dig up gardens that are based on the ground.

Improves Air Quality

Researchers have found that plants are able to improve outdoor and indoor air quality by absorbing pollutants and removing harmful volatile organic compounds.

Most houses have been proven to have poorer air quality to those that are outdoors. This is why getting a vertical garden can improve the air quality in your house.

Create a Micro Climate

Another benefit you can get is that you would be able to create a micro-climate for your residence.The spot under the support will give you shade-loving plants. If you would like to get some sun, you can climb up and over; this means that you can get the best of both worlds.

Allows for More Plants

Some plants take up a lot of space to grow when they are on the ground, which can be a problem when space is not the luxury you have. By having a vertical garden, you can increase the number of plants you want to grow in your garden because it grows upwards, which maximizes the space you do have and allows for a greater variety.


Visual Appeal

Getting yourself a vertical garden can also improve the beauty of your garden. This is because it can add variety, colour, structure as well as a character to your garden.

There are a lot of creative ways to create a vertical garden in the residence you have. If you get creative with it, you can get help from vertical garden in Singapore that will give you an ideal layout that will flow naturally with the architectural design of your residence.


Looking back we can see it’s not impossible anymore to have your dream garden in your residence, no matter what the size is. Anything is possible if you have the ability to visualize success, and with Singapore Landscape Design, you can make your dream a reality. Bring all the benefits of a vertical garden to your residence today. What’s stopping you from getting the benefits of vertical garden?


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