Using Lights, Reflection, and Shine to Bring Your Home Décor to Life

Light has always been associated with positivity and happiness. When you brighten up your room, you add both life and interest to your décor. Here are some of the best ways to bring light into your home and life.


Lamps are great for home décor, because they’re typically more interesting and less harsh than overhead fixtures. You can learn about different ways the customers used their lamps by reading reviews about the furniture company, for example reviews regarding 1StopBedrooms. Here are a few tips for choosing lamps:

  • Use lamps that work with your main décor items to create a singular effect.
  • Choose streamlined shapes for modern or contemporary styles.
  • Use tapered shapes with traditional style.
  • Add lamps with color and texture.
  • Use a lampshade that’s translucent enough to let the light come through for the desired effect.
  • Put lamps at the edges of rooms to light up dark corners.


Adding one or more mirrors to your room is a good way to maximize whatever light is already there. But you don’t have to have a wall of mirrors to add a note of reflection in your room. Here are some things to think about when you’re choosing mirrors.

  • The bigger the mirror, the more impact it will have.
  • The size of the mirror should be appropriate for the wall it’s on.
  • Smaller mirrors work well as accent pieces.
  • Choose a frame that’s right for the style of your room. Mirrors without frames work well with contemporary design, and decorative frames enhance a traditional design.
  • The shape can also reflect the overall style. Oval or circular mirrors have a sleek, formal look. Square or rectangular shapes are right for traditional.
  • Make sure the frame color coordinates with your overall color scheme.

Metals and Glass

Shiny glass and metal objects can add interesting reflections as well. Gold and silver statues or mirror frames add a lot of sparkle. If you want a subtler look, you can choose a darker metal with a glossy finish. You can add metal shine by choosing tables with metal legs or other visible parts, too. Glass tabletops, sculptures, bowls, vases, or candle holders add eye-catching glints of light as well.

Shiny Fabrics

Using small but shiny accent pieces in a room filled with matte finishes can add a fascinating note of light. Choose decorative pillows or throws made with metallic thread or a metallic finish. Silk pillows can also reflect light very well.

Choose the Right Level of Light

Of course, you could choose shiny objects for every element in your home décor. For most rooms, though, you’ll want to balance the light-bringing objects with matte finish items.

  • Bring more light into a kitchen than a bedroom.
  • Avoid having too many competing shiny objects.
  • Have the right amount of light for the activities you do in that room.

Choosing the right furniture and accessories for your home is always an interesting challenge. When you’re going to add light and reflection to a room, you may need some help finding the right balance. If you’re unsure, look for a furniture company that offers design consultations. Soon, you’ll be basking in the glow of a beautifully lit room.


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