Useful Hints to Attract Animal Friends to Your Garden

If you have a big garden, it can get pretty lonely in there with just you and your plants. Why not try and bring in some animal friends for you to admire and interact with? If you know what you are doing, it really is not that hard. Here are a few tips which might help you.

1. Differentiate between friends and pests
Not all kinds of animals are beneficial for your garden. Some of them can actually help out and improve your garden. Others simply provide natural beauty while not causing any damage. However, there are those which will eat your beautiful flowers and destroy your plants. These are considered pests and you want to keep them away from your garden. It has to be said that most mammals that would come to a garden can be pests (squirrels, mice, raccoons, moles, possums, deer etc.) If you want to bring your garden to life, birds, butterflies, bees, frogs, insects and lizards are the ones to target.
Yescom-Home-7-12. Grow plants to attract them

The method to bringing animals to your garden is pretty straightforward – simply plant the right flowers and plants. Each particular creature will be attracted to certain plant life. For example, if you wanted ladybugs, you should plant aphids as they are their main food source. If you wanted frogs, create a small pond for them to frolic in.
Yescom-Home-7-23. Get to know the animals

Once your garden is teeming with life, it is important to know a little something about each animal. This will help you determine what kind of interaction you can have with it. Some might actually be dangerous, so it is important to know this stuff beforehand.

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