Turning Unused Space Into A Home Gym

An empty bedroom, basement, or attic is often kept as a guest room or converted into an entertainment room, but here are a few unused space designs for home gyms that are cool and make for both a productive and aesthetically pleasing space.



Instead of a dark basement, one blogger decided to turn her daughter’s old bedroom into a workout paradise after she moved out. Equipped with a TV and DVD player in order to be able to incorporate video workouts, (watching aerobics, yoga, or Pilates), as well as several weights, mirrors and even an inspirational décor. We thought that it was a really brilliant and yet classically simple way to turn unused space into the perfect workout room.

This simple redesign cost around $300, giving evidence to the fact that a home gym or workout room is completely affordable. All that you need is the space, the creativity to design, a workout plan, and an idea of what equipment you’d like to use. By viewing a website such as Hammer, you’ll be able to find all kinds of workout equipment for the home, whether that’s an exercise bike, rower, cross-trainer, or even a weight bench. It doesn’t need to be elaborate and expensive; it just needs to fit for you and your workout.



Of course, not everyone has an empty room to convert into a workout space. If you are keen on staying healthy and have limited space, you can make a dual-purpose space instead of having a designated room. For example, placing minimal equipment in a corner of your living room gives you access to this whenever the mood strikes. If desirable, you can partition the space with a chic room divider panel.



If on the other hand, you would prefer that the equipment remains more out of sight, then placing equipment in your home office achieves just that. Plus it can be pretty inspirational and easily worked into your daily routine, making this your most active and productive room in the house. Not to mention that you can get up from the desk and put in a few minutes of stretching or cardio as needed.

Of course, completely out of sight is always an option, since you can find treadmills or other workout machines that can actually fold up quite efficiently and be stored under beds or in closets. Just keep in mind when considering this approach that it requires you to be incredibly disciplined to put this equipment to good use, since out of sight and out of mind seems to particularly apply to workout equipment.



On the other hand, if you don’t mind the equipment being in view, then you can easily make use of some dead space in a hallway. It has to be well-designed with optimal equipment, as these spaces are quite limited. Just make sure that you have enough room to move around comfortably and perform your workout properly. You should also ensure that the space doesn’t feel cluttered or in the way of anything else, as it will quickly demotivate you instead of motivating you as it should.



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